10 Tips to get Beach Body Ready!

Beach Body Tips

If the idea of seeing yourself in a swimsuit makes you want to freak out or utter profanities, cool your jets. While you may not be able to wave your magic wand over those love handles, you can prep for a day at the beach by eating like a smarty and avoiding certain things in the days before you rock that swimsuit.

Beach Body ReadyTip #1 –  Avoid carbonation. The air gets ingested in your mouth and goes right to your digestive system. It’s no fun being a big, bloated mess.

Tip #2 – Avoid Foods heavy in salt Think twice before picking up the salt shaker. Salty foods cause your body to retain water, which will give you the classic bloated stomach. Feel a bit puffy after a meal? Avoid salty foods for the rest of the day to deflate fast. These include processed foods such as canned foods, frozen meals, chips, pretzels, lunch meat, bacon, hot dogs and cheese.

Tip #3 – Drink Water One of the most common causes of cellulite, other than genetics, is the toxins we consume and inhale. These reduce the skin’s elasticity and slow the circulation, so we need to aid our body’s natural detox process and help to flush them out. Drinking plenty of water is essential for this, so make sure you drink the recommended eight glasses a day, and avoid toxin-rich alcohol and soft drinks.

Tip #4 – Eat natural diuretics. Balance your fluid levels with diuretics like green tea, cranberry juice and dandelion tea. Reduce bloating by eating watermelon, celery, parsley, watercress, tomato, cucumbers, asparagus, cantaloupe and beets. They are natural diuretics and will help flush your system leaving your tummy flatter.

Tip #5 – Get to know pectin. The pectin found in apples and berries helps prevent your body from absorbing too much fat and is an appetite suppressant. An apple a day keeps you from bingeing at the party table buffet.

Tip #6 – Some like it hot. Try spices like cardamom, cayenne pepper, hot mustard, chili peppers, turmeric and ginger in your food to help boost metabolism and burn the fat. Burn, baby, burn!

Tip #7 – Eat Kale The quickest way to flatten a stubborn stomach? Include a portion of leafy green vegetables at every meal. Kale, spinach and romaine lettuce are all extremely low in calories, full of fiber and offer several vital vitamins and minerals that help to ease water retention without causing the bloating and discomfort that some other vegetables might do.

SwimmingTip #8 – Work out. We know that working out helps us tone up and get lean. Well, maybe it’s mostly psychological, but getting in a good bout of cardio and strength right before you suit up will also make your body look more toned and defined. Plus, it’ll give you that flushed sexy glow. Remember – swimming or water aerobics is an excellent way to get a full body workout in the water while staying fresh!

Tip #9 – Probiotic Sometimes bloating can be caused by an imbalance of the bacteria in your intestines, especially if you have been taking antibiotics. Probiotics can help restore the bacterial balance but not all brands have proven that they work.

I use & recommend USANA Probiotic: What Makes It Better? The quality of the bacteria used & it’s easy to use—the mild vanilla-flavored powder can be added to food or drink. I add to my morning smoothie.

Tip #10 – Digestive Enzymes They assist the body in the digestion of certain foods and may alleviate the feeling of fullness after eating a large meal. They can help reduce the symptoms of occasional indigestion, including occasional heartburn, gas, and bloating.

I use & recommend USANA Digestive Enzyme: What Makes It Better? The quality of the ingredients. They provide an additional supply of enzymes to help your body digest a variety of foods so nutrients can be absorbed by our cells. They also contain Spirulina which is rich in amino acids; vitamins A, C, E, and B6; phytonutrients; and minerals, including magnesium. Chlorophyll in spirulina is able to form a molecular bond with potentially harmful toxins and move them through the body so they can be eliminated.

Bonus Tip: Slow down. – A lot of my clients are busy working women moms who are eating food either in their car or sitting at their desks. The problem with eating on the go is that you take big bites of food and don’t chew properly, which affects our digestion and you end up swallowing a tremendous amount of air. Take 15 to 20 minutes to eat each meal — yes, even if you’re munching on the run. Take a deep breath after each bite and chew with your mouth closed. This forces you to breathe through your nose, which relaxes and slows you down.

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MORE ON PROBIOTICS: The benefits of probiotics go way beyond health digestion. It is estimated that 80% of our immune system resided in the gut. Probiotics stimulate the immune system and help strengthen our natural defenses. Click on the video below to watch and learn more!

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