7 Tips for Achieving Your Wellness and Weight Loss Goals

Achieving Your Wellness and Weight Loss Goals


Do you ever struggle with achieving your wellness and weight loss goals? Does it seems like certain obstacles get in your way? You are not alone! We all struggle from time to time.  These 7 specific obstacles and solutions for achieving your wellness and weight loss goals will come in super handy.

Being prepared and having a plan is so important in helping us achieve our goals. When we aren’t prepared, life seems to derail our efforts. Well guess what? We have control of our actions. You will feel empowered when you have a plan for what to do when certain things come up instead of feeling discouraged for making a choice you wish you hadn’t made.

I was having an icky day the other day and on my way to the grocery store I thought ooohhh I can get a bag of chips! For those of you that know me, you know tortilla chips are my weakness. I am the queen of modification and have found low glycemic bean chips  that are super yummy. However, eating the whole bag is not on the list for achieving my wellness and weight loss goals. There have been so many times that I got the bag of chips and said I would only eat a few and then ate the whole bag. Since I know myself and knew I would definitely eat the whole bag because I was not on my game, I did not go to the grocery store. When I got home I was sooo proud of myself. Have you ever done anything like that?

7 Tips for Achieving Your Wellness and Weight Loss Goals

1. Stress and Emotional upset. Solutions: Do some deep breathing for 10-15 minutes, call a friend, go for a walk, exercise, drink a cup of decaf tea, write in your journal, read, listen to or watch something uplifting.

2. Fatigue. Solutions: 20 minute power nap or guided visualization with CD, deep breathing.

3. Cooking and Food Shopping. Solutions: Go with a shopping list so you have a plan, prepare low glycemic foods that are appealing.

4. Hunger. Solutions: Drink water with lemon or cucumbers, eat some raw veggies, guided visualization, deep breathing, talk to a friend. Also take a look at what you have been eating to see if are eating balanced, evenly spaced meals throughout the day.

5. Attending Events. Solutions: Eat a low glycemic snack before going, plan ahead on how much you are going to eat, relax 10-15 minutes before going, do not feel guilty about eating or tasting, socialize more and eat less. Be mindful and present to make sure you aren’t over eating without realizing it. Sometimes this happens when you are talking and eating at the same time.

6. Illness or Injury. Solutions: Deep breathing (notice this deep breathing comes up a lot), acupuncture, yoga, chiropractic, herbal teas, journal, make sure to stick to your healthy meal plan and supplementation.

7. Making Poor Food Choices or Wanting to “Throw in the Towel.” Solutions: First of all forgive yourself, you are human. Get right back on plan and you will feel a sense of accomplishment. Just because we eat 1 piece of pizza doesn’t mean we eat the whole pie. Take a look at what was happening before making that food choice, how were you feeling…when was the last time you ate…Make sure to have healthy snacks and meals available to make it easier to make good choices.

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