Most of my adult life, I have struggled to get to or stay at my ideal weight.  The hardest part for me was taking off those last 10 pounds.  I have never been big on dieting nor have I had a major focus on nutrition – I always thought those last 10 pounds needed to come from more consistency in my workouts.  In 2010, I decided to run a marathon and knew that a commitment like that would surely shed those last 10 pounds.  I never missed a training run and I made it through the 26.2.  Those last 10 pounds, unfortunately, made it with me.  I was in the best cardio shape of my life, but my size didn’t change. In 2012, I signed up to work with a personal trainer and I made a one year commitment.  I worked with him 3 days a week and he kicked my butt.  Once again, the shape of my butt changed, but not the size.

It wasn’t until 2014 that I joined a call with Lora Ulrich.  She helped me understand the importance of nutrition in weight loss.  I was in denial about what I needed to do to make the change that I was after.  The great news was that she gave me some simple rules to live by and some simple changes to make that would completely change my results.  I had no idea that some things that I had been eating that I believed were good for me were actually keeping me from my goals!  She got me kick started on a very easy to follow program that gave me early confidence.  I made some small changes to my eating habits that have been easy to stick with.  I lost those last 10 pounds early in 2014 and have kept it off every since then.

Thank you to Lora for teaching me the things that I didn’t know that I didn’t know about nutrition.  I recommend Lora to anyone who has some changes to make in their health or their weight.  She is committed, professional, knowledgeable and just fun to work with!

Heather Christie
Professional Speaker, Certified Executive and Leadership Coach, Attorney


Lora has been a lifesaver for me, literally. She has such in depth knowledge of nutrition and health, based on her real life experiences. Which translates into: She gets it! And explains it in a way that I can explain it. And she holds me accountable (which drives me crazy in a good way!). I am amazed with how much I didn’t understand and how she makes it so simple for me to follow, and implement.

Christin Collins
Health & Wellness Strategic Business Partner, Lee Memorial Health Systems


Lora Ulrich is a stellar and fastidious business woman. She is an excellent speaker who compels her listeners to entertain a thought process to become all they can be through a healthy lifestyle. She walks the talk of optimum health through her teachings and the USANA product line. Lora also will guide you in the steps you need to be all you can be. I have learned so much and look forward to more of Lora’s teachings. Being a business woman myself, I decided that it was extremely imperative to feel healthy and strong. Lora as been a very important guide to me achieving the goals I have set for myself, not only for health, for business as well. If you want to feel and look healthy and achieve your visions and dreams, I have only one simple answer. Learn and listen to Lora’s 17 years of experiences and teachings, you won’t regret one single minute of it.

A very satisfied healthily client,
Gale Griswold, Founder Natures Earth Cosmetics, Cape Coral FL


I am enjoying the change in foods, the supplements and water! Some things I can report in on:

1. my skin has cleared up woohoo
2. my energy is different- I usually take weeks to recover after a semester and I found myself not at all with the same level of fatigue
3. the persistent ever dark circles under my eyes are fading- wowser
4. BEST results- no more flares of swelling.. and I was starting to have them come on here and there with a fury.

Maggie I. Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry, Sacramento City College


I can’t believe how good I feel with my new way of low-glycemic eating. The biggest surprise for me has been that the uncontrollable cravings I used to suffer are completely gone. I can’t tell you what a relief it is not to stand helplessly in front of the pantry searching for something to snack on in spite of not being hungry. After years of white-knuckle dieting on countless plans and programs, it’s so nice to be relieved of both hunger and cravings. Thank you for saving me from yet another diet, and helping me learn a new lifestyle!

Susan Lustig, Esq. Alliance Partnership CWAG, California

The New You Nutrition Challenge Participants:

Amber Weight and inches lost, no cravings, stabilized sugar levels and all around feeling great.
Dawn Not craving anything sweet at all – which is HUGE since I love to bake and eat sweet goodies 🙂
Barbara Still not craving any bread or milk – which is awesome since I used to drink a ton of milk daily – but always felt really gross afterward. Overall, just feel much healthier than I have in the past!!
Maria Can’t believe I lost 7 lbs in 5 days. Love the energy, feel great!
Tracy My husband & I both feel great. We lost some weight, we have great even energy throughout the day & I kicked the diet coke!!!

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This has been a true lifestyle change for me! In just 12 short weeks I lost pounds and inches, and love the way my new clothes fit.

Connie Ramos-Williams
CONRIC PR & Marketing

Over the past few years my health has slowly reached a point that I needed to stop and evaluate what needed to be done to improved it long term. I have tried various health and weight loss programs in order to attempt reaching my goal of better health and weight loss but without much success, that is, until I met Lora Ulrich. With the program along with her knowledge, guidance, leadership and understanding I have finally found a way to achieve both my goals. I am eating proper food at appropriate times and have lost weight and improved my health. With healthier eating and weight loss my health issues have improve dramatically over a 3 month period. With the knowledge I have gained from working with Lora and the group support I receive weekly this road has been a much easier one traveled. What I have learned is not a diet but a life style change and a new commitment to myself for a healthier longer life.

Bridgett Ashford

I went from eating one meal a day of something from a drive up window to eating 3 healthy meals and 2 snacks of fresh real food. Because of this change I lost 10 pounds and 9 inches and I feel great. Lora made it fun and education. She helped me to understand that this was a lifestyle change and not a diet. Thank you Lora for the Shrink-A-Thon and for all of your knowledge and support. Keep up the great work.

Nikki Timberlake

Pawsotively Purrfect Pet Products

The program was easy to follow … being addicted to sugar and carbs, I always had issued with cravings – there are none on this program. I lost 20 lbs. in less than 3 months! If I can do this, anyone can!

Dawn Terry, Cape Coral FL

Lora Ulrich has provided me with the expert training to launch my network marketing career. Through Lora’s utilization of coaching, tools, and patience, Lora cleverly guides me to success in building my leadership skills which assist me in growing my business and team. Lora continues to be instrumental in my success.

Jo Pedersen, Fairbanks AK

Independent Associate, USANA Health Sciences

Thank you for your help Lora.

Georgel, Phillipines

I failed so often that I got used to it. It is wonderful to SUCCEED. Thanks Lora!!!! Carol, FL

Lora offered me the tips and encouragement I needed to be successful.

John, AK

Before I started I was tired all the time and not able to loose weight no matter what I did. Now I am full of energy and loosing weight. Thanks to Lora I have a new way of eating, not dieting.

Diane, FL

I have been working with Lora for nine months, and as a lifetime dieter, I am so relieved to have met her. She is patient, knowledgeable and so critical for balance. I know that when I speak to her, she will be nonjudgmental and objective. She works with me to solve my food issues and issues which will eventually lead to emotional eating. She makes herself available for questions, concerns or even just venting, and after we speak, I come away with clarity and a sense of relief. When I have questions she usually has an answer for me right away; if not, she takes the time to research an issue and gets back to me quickly. I took off 15 pounds over two years ago, and then I struggled. Since I began working with Lora, I have lost an additional forty-five pounds (so far). With Lora’s help, I have kept all 60 pounds off for over five months. Lora’s methods make it easy to keep the weight off, which is a problem that I struggle with most. I have become stronger and healthier and I have lost the weight without being hungry or unhappy. More importantly, I live every day free from hunger, free from overeating and I am always satisfied with the foods I eat. I have learned so much about food, life and myself since working with Lora, and I highly recommend her to anyone, whether they want to lose weight or get balance in their lives. The ultimate result will be overall improved health, which is something that anyone can benefit from.

Holly E. Cosby

Law Office of Holly E. Cosby, P.A.

Fort Myers, Florida

Lora has been a delight to work with the last 6 years. Her expertise and professionalism has always been a great addition to the teams that we have worked on together.

Brad Shapiro, California

Sanoviv Counselor, Arica Trainer

For as long as I can remember, I have been on a sugar eating plan. I would eat foods high in sugar from the time I woke up until the time I went to bed. Within the past several months, I had just started noticing that I was gaining weight and was just not feeling well, but I couldn’t put my finger on what could be the problem…my eating habits had not changed…but, what I started to realize was that I was getting older and my body was just not tolerating my eating habits any longer. Fortunately for me, I knew about Lora from local networking events that we both attend. What a lifesaver she is!!! She got me right on track with the perfect eating plan. She helped me understand the vicious eating cycle I was in and what the sugar was doing to my body. She introduced new foods into my life and helped me change the way I think about eating and what I’m putting into my body. Low-glycemic foods, proper nutritional supplements and exercise are the perfect formula to losing weight permanently. Lora has helped me every step of the way! I’ve lost 17 pounds so far…PERMANENTLY! Thank you Lora!

Deanna Byrd-Ferrino

Cape Coral, Florida








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