How to Achieve Your Goals

Guest Post by John Ulrich

How To Achieve Your Goals

Recently in a Chinese fortune cookie I got “Many opportunities are open; take advantage of them!” If you’re wondering how can you apply that to your daily life to help you achieve your goals…I can help you with that.

Many years ago I came up with an analogy for the choices we get to make each day. Make no mistake, you are fortunate to get to make choices. You need to appreciate and enjoy this gift, we all do. Imagine that each day you are handed a menu with all of the choices of the day spread out before you.

Now think about how we usually make our choices. Say for example, that you stop to fuel your car on the way to work in the morning. You notice that there is a doughnut special advertised in the window. Like a magnet you are drawn to the sweet treats… and a cup of coffee as well. What the heck, you are right there. As you get back in your car you realize that these two glazed doughnuts are not going to help you achieve your goal of losing weight. Do you pitch them out the window? Heck no, that would be littering and a waste of money. You get the idea.

How many decisions do you make unconsciously each day? If one of your goals is to lose weight, and you train yourself to consider your choices, consult your menu as it were, you will see that you can consistently make better choices. The whole idea behind the menu concept is to become aware of all the choices that we make each day.

If you start to choose with purpose instead of by default, you’ll be shocked at how much more quickly you can achieve your goals. The underlying theme is to have a plan to get you to your goals. With a plan, you know what the next step is.  However, thru the course of a single day, you are faced with countless choices that you hadn’t considered. This is where taking a moment to consult the menu will keep you on track.

Think of the menu as the book of addendums to the main plan. After a while, especially when you have experienced success, you will become more conscious of your goals. You will start to see opportunities that were not previously apparent.  By becoming aware of your choices, you reinforce what your goals are.

You do have goals, right? If not, take the time to think about what it is that you really want to do, become, have, whatever. Use your goal as a Pole Star, a point to navigate by. How much more meaning your life will have if you know what you want to do with it. This is of course a topic for another blog.

As you become more focused on your goals, your choices do become easier. Achieving your goals becomes easier as well because the plan for attaining them becomes more workable.

Slow down and ask yourself; What’s on my menu?


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