3 Clever Ways to Change How You Feel

3 Clever Ways to Change How You Feel

Change How You FeelDo you ever feel like you want to change how you feel? Like you just know that if you thought more positive, or saw your glass as half full, things would seem a whole lot brighter…even if situations were the same?

If you want to change how you feel, you must recognize why you feel the way you “think” you feel. How many times do you set yourself up for a pre-programmed “feeling”? For example, you might have said “if it rains today, I am going to be so mad!” Chances are good that you’re starting to feel “mad” as soon as you said that. It’s a fact. You decided that when this thing happens, you will feel a certain way. It’s not raining now, and it might not rain, but you’ve already projected a negative emotion onto an otherwise satisfactory condition. How about trying to leave how you feel for the moment that the thing actually happens?

Another way that you pre-program your feeling is with the phrase, spoken aloud or internalized, “that’s how it always is” or a phrase like, “I’m the kind of person who…”, or “I never win anything!” You are setting yourself up to live in a box. You are defining who you think you are. When you do this for years, you start to act exactly as if these self descriptions were true. They are not true. ”It” isn’t always like that, you’re usually that kind of person, but not always, and I bet you have won something. You have feelings that are triggered by those phrases, thoughts and belief systems. Usually those phrases, thoughts and belief systems have crept into your subconscious over a period of time and you just assume that they must be accurate. It’s tough to isolate the untrue self talk that floats through your mind.

It is important for your mental health and well-being to get an accurate assessment of what you think of yourself. If you truly believe that “things are always like that”, what’s it going to take to even recognize that belief is harmful? Your feelings give you a clue. When a situation arises that causes you to think that “it’s always like this”, how do you FEEL? You probably feel defeated, a little hopeless, and without any control. That’s an uncomfortable set of feelings. They are uncomfortable to motivate us to change something. The feeling will be uncomfortable until you change something. In life you are faced with challenges that you can resolve and thereby grow from the experience. If you believe that in your experience, in a given situation, the result is always the same, and it makes you uncomfortable, you need to change something.

Another way to change how you feel is to keep a gratitude journal. Seriously, this works. Every morning list at least 3 things you are grateful for. This will have you thinking & realizing there are great things going on in your life right now. These don’t have to be huge…sometimes it’s the little things that make us feel the happiest. Reading & saying your gratitude list out loud right before going to bed is helpful too. This way your subconscious can be working on positive stuff while you sleep. Yay!

There is a saying, “You get it wrong until you get it right.” You will face the same challenge, or similar enough, until you learn the lesson it is there to teach. You will see then that you have the power to change your conditions; things don’t always have to be the same. You’ll see that you have now written a new history, you changed something and got a different result. If you are a person of integrity you will no longer be able to say even to yourself “it’s always like that” because now you’ve seen that situation have a different result. You will feel differently.

Like I said, it’s tough, but rewarding. Evaluate each of your uncomfortable feelings to see if maybe there is an untrue or inaccurate belief attached. The process will take some time, but you will FEEL good about it.

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