How to Change Your Mindset
For Results

Change Your Mindset For Results
Have you ever wondered why sometimes you get things done and reach your desired goal, and sometimes you don’t? You need to change your mindset for results. I was listening to a Tony Robbins CD yesterday with my hubby on the way to the beach and a couple things really stood out.

Change your standards. Should to must, want to –  to must. You need to make the decision to change. Cut off any possibility except the thing you commit to. And here’s another good one...Consistency, not convenience, creates results. Boom! My eyes opened wider when I heard him say that, so true! Putting in consistent effort even if it isn’t convenient. Yeah…that’s a hard one sometimes right? That’s the work part we need to do in order to achieve our results. Isn’t it harder not to get the thing you want? I know when I do what it takes to achieve a certain goal or outcome, I feel sooo much better, don’t you?!

So many times I see people really fired up to change their lifestyle & improve their eating so they feel better & lose weight. Or fired up to expand their business or start their entrepreneurial adventure. Then after a little while, after the fired up feeling goes away, when they realize it actually takes work, they lose sight of the goal and give up or quit.

Has that happened to you where you get fired up then don’t follow through? Think about this next time, did you really make the decision & commit, no matter what. You will get results when you truly make the decision.

Watch this short video to hear how I can so relate, some things I have struggled with & committed to.

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