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“When we feel better physically, mentally, and spiritually, we are more productive allowing us to be of service to many more people!” – Lora Ulrich

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What would You change in your life if you knew you could?

People are determining what matters most, and happiness and quality of life are crawling up the priority ladder. In an environment where things might not be completely in your control, your happiness quotient is. Is there a way of living and thinking that can lead to increased happiness, and a longer, healthier life?

Do you want to improve any of the following?

• Energy Levels     • Weight Management       • Eating Habits

• Physical Health   • Stress Management        • Personal Development  

• Life Balance        • Financial Health             • Professional Development

The NewYou Lifestyle Health & Wealth Lifestyle Coaching program offers you a Life Wellness Screening that determines your personal strengths as well as targets the problem areas of your life that need improving. A personalized Wellness Coaching Plan will then be developed to help you reach a new level of health, happiness and overall well being in your life!

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