Kuddos to Deb!

Kuddos to Deb

weightloss-coachingI absolutely LOVE being a part of helping people reach their health & wellness goals. Everyone I talk with wants more sustained energy and/or wants to lose weight. Everyone is frustrated because they have tried soooo many diets or programs and are tired of the roller coaster game. Every client & customer I work with that is compliant achieves their wellness & weight goals. The key is to have the right combination of a few key things in balance to reach your short-term and long-term goals. No more yo-yo dieting – can I get a woohoo?!?!? So what is the combination….eating the right balance of foods evenly spaced throughout the day, proper supplementation (choosing the company you get your supplements from is VERY important) , moderate exercise, at least 64oz of water throughout the day and about 6-8 hours of sleep depending on the person. I personally need at least 8 hours of sleep – who would have guessed that! I used to always burn the candle at both ends. You do one of these you may get some results and most of the time not long-term. You do all of these, you will get exponential results. Make this into your lifestyle and you will keep your results long-term. YAY!!!! The coolest thing is even when someone comes to me with their primary focus to lose weight, the first thing they report is how much better they feel. YAY again!!! I personally never want to go back to the roller coaster dieting or having little to no energy or feeling icky. I LOVE feeling great everyday and being able to keep up with the busy schedule I choose to have. And not having to worry about weight is always a super big plus!! The better we feel physically, the better we feel mentally and the more productive our professional and personal lives will be.

Deb BeforeI have been working with Deb since August. She started with the USANA 5-day RESET program, (5 full days of food & supplements, no stimulants, no hunger). Deb continued on with the transform phase, taking her supplements am & pm, replacing 2 meals a day with a low glycemic meal replacement shake, 1 snack with a low glycemic nutrition bar (sometimes both snacks a bar otherwise protein with veggies) & a healthy low glycemic meal consisting of protein & veggies, unlimited veggies throughout the day and plenty of water until she reached her desired weight goal. Now Deb continues to take her USANA supplements, replace 1 meal a day with the meal replacement shake, 1 snack with a nutrition bar and eat healthy, balanced, low glycemic meals & snacks. I Love getting texts and voice messages about how great Deb feels or when she has to go shopping because her clothes are too big.

Check out Deb’s progress:

February 4th

Forgot to stand on the scales this morning!  But feeling good, in size 10 slacks and they are a little big!  LOL

January 3

Just a brief update on my progress in the maintenance area…after losing around 20 pounds and getting within a pound or two of my original goal weight…the holidays came! Yikes! I weighed this morning and I stayed within 5 lbs. of that goal I originally set. Making wise choices and doing a shake a day and remembering the good eating and exercising habits that came with the USANA program. This is a solid program and a life changer! I plan to have this 5 lbs. missing in action before February begins!

November 12

Tried on 3 pair of off white slacks this morning before I went to the “smaller” closet and Wa-La…Size 10 fits again! It caused a Happy Dance somewhere around 9 a.m. YAY!!!!

Oct 28

I was getting ready today, put on 8 different dresses before I got to one that fit! And it is a size 8!!! Dresses that I have relied on for the last 6 months, it felt like you could in there with me, it was very funny. I haven’t had to be in that part of my wardrobe for quite some time. I have got to shopping!! Thank you very much honey, you are a great coach!

Deb after shotSeptember 17

I lost another 2 lbs. this past week on the USANA plan and of course being coached by Lora. I am starting my 8th week today and have lost a total of 14 lbs. My goal was to lose 20, and of course now I have set a new goal…to lose 30. I changed my goal weight over the weekend as I like how I am looking and I would be in the proper range of weight my height and age, but this program is so easy that I know around Nov. 1st I will hit the new goal. At that point I will be in the smallest weight for my height and age and I will be more amazing than usual! 🙂

August 31

10 lbs. down today and that is exactly one month into my program. This morning, I put on 2 dresses for work that looked like I had on someone else’s clothing…had to go to the closet in the guest room (the one with the smaller clothes in it) and I am in a solid size 10 dress today. I had been filling out a size 12 nicely! LOL What a great program! Tuesday will be starting my 2nd month and I am 8 lbs. from my goal weight! Oh, lost 2″ in the bustline, 3″ in the waist and 3″ in the hip! How cool is that? Liking this New Lifestyle a lot!

August 23

Just a brief note to say how wonderful it is to be involved as a client with The New You Lifestyle, USANA and Lora. After a random meeting, I called on Lora to speak to a group of ballroom dancers about nutrition and she created a wonderful presentation. I have lost 7 lbs. and 5 inches in 3 weeks by following her direction. I am sugar-free, alert and excited about life and my business. My body feels empty but satisfied and my mind is clearer to think than it has been in years. I have been very blessed once again in my life by meeting Lora. I plan to share her message with lots of friends along the path of life!

You can connect with Deb on facebook – like her fanpage or visit her website by clicking on any of these links.

Deb After

You too can feel better, have more energy and reach your ideal weight. Contact Lora Ulrich at 239-898-4078 or lora@thenewyoulifestyle.com for your personalized nutrition program today!

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