Rethinking Time Management

Rethinking Time Management


Do you ever wish you had more hours in your day? I can hear you saying YES! Who hasn’t had those days (weeks, months) where you just feel like you can’t get everything done. Earlier this month, we attended a one day intensive leadership conference in our home town called Advance One Day. One of my takeaways was on rethinking time management.

I learned some interesting stuff that made me stop, think & evaluate my routines & practices. For example, realizing I had fallen into being the instant gratification kind of gal. When a thought popped into my head to tell or ask my husband about, I would text or call him interrupting what he & I were doing at the time. These thoughts/questions could definitely wait until I saw him next. I didn’t even think about how disruptive that could be in our lives. Can anyone relate? How about those of you that are doing sooo much in your day, that you don’t have time to take care of you…your meals aren’t prepared, your workouts get kicked to the curb, and self-care time is non-existent.

Let’s take a look at how you could free up some of your time & be more productive in your personal & professional lives. One of the things discussed – There’s no such thing as Time Management, only Self Management. Good one and true!

The Goal of Rethinking Time Management: Do today what creates more time tomorrow.

Think about this. You aren’t spending your time, you are investing your time. How can you invest your time to have a greater impact later? Take a look at the tasks on your to do list and really look to see if there are any you can live without.

5 Questions to ReThink Your Time

1. Is this task something that I can live without?
Notice it’s NOT do I like it.

2. Can this task be systematized?
Something you teach over & over again you could create an audio or video. Or emails that can be auto generated or at least have a template for.

3. Can this task be performed by someone else?
For example, even though you do the dishes, laundry, insert whatever, totally better than anyone else…um hello let someone else help to take care of the tasks. Or at work, whether you’re an employee or entrepreneur, where are you being the bottleneck for something that can easily be done by someone else.

4. Can this task wait until later?
Don’t be focused on the urgent. You’ll choke out important work you could be doing.

5. What do I need to stop doing in order to give this task my full attention?

Yes this takes focus & discipline. But what if reviewing these questions during your day actually helped you to be more productive and freed up some of your time? Hmmmm…. 🙂

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