Clean Eating Made Simple…Really!


Have you tried to eat healthy only to get overwhelmed by what to eat and when? Eat this, don’t eat that. Eat twice a day, no eat 5 times a day. There is so much information online, in social media and in the news that it can be overwhelming.

You’ve tried other meal plans in the past that leave you feeling hungry and cranky and you had no one support you in reaching your goals.

We UNDERSTAND and we have a SOLUTION for you!

IMAGINE having a Certified Nutrition & Wellness… Continue reading

Quinoa Superfood Salad Recipe

Quinoa Superfood Salad Recipe



If you are looking for a yummy, healthy salad you are in the right place! This Quinoa Superfood Salad Recipe is easy to prepare, great to have for the week, for a party, tastes great and looks pretty too. When I make this salad it sure doesn’t last for long.

For my health nuts, this salad is gluten free, dairy free, soy free, nut free, low glycemic, tastes great and is good for you. Who could ask for more?!


Prep Time: 25 min – if quinoa is already prepared 10 min

 Ingredients… Continue reading

Easy Veggie Burger Recipe

Easy Veggie Burger Recipe


It seems like summer time and burgers go hand in hand. In the past couple of weeks a few clients have asked me for a veggie burger recommendation that is Lora approved. Have you looked for a good veggie burger in the store? I have to say I am not that impressed. They either have gluten, hardly any protein for as many calories that are in it or have some other ingredient that you would rather not have, right?!

Well, look no further. This easy veggie burger recipe doesn’t take long to make, is vegan,… Continue reading

2015 New Year New You Nutrition Challenge

Are you ready to feel and look your best in the New Year?

Are you ready to have more energy throughout the day?

Are you ready to get off the diet roller coaster and finally reach your ideal body weight…and keep it off? 

We have an amazing program for all of you who have a goal of Feeling Your Best and having an Awesome, Hot, Rock Star Body in 2015! Our Nutrition Challenge has 6 Monday evening group phone calls , tons of information, nutrition support products and more starting January 12th through February 16th. Register NOW … Continue reading

Are you satisfied with the status quo?

Are you eating to live or living to eat?

While you work to be a spark for your loved ones, don’t forget that your light is only as strong as the fuel you supply it with. That means food. Good food. Eating right will keep that flame from dying out. When you’re at the top of your game, your body uses up nutrients as fast as you can put them in. Starving yourself, even for a little while, takes your flame down a notch or two and is a very bad idea for your health. And without real nutritional value,… Continue reading

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