What Is Conscious Network Marketing?

  • Receiving compensation for sharing information about products and services you believe in, strictly with people who have a true need for, or interest in, your product or service
  • Having the intention to make someone else’s life better
  • Building rapport and relationships
  • Redefining sales as service
  • The only business model in which someone else has a financial interest in your financial success, thus creating an environment in which you are truly supported to reach your highest potential
  • A vehicle for creating leveraged, residual income
  • A way to leave a legacy for future generations
  • A win-win situation and the ultimate form of leverage: You benefit from other peoples’ work without taking a cut from their earnings
  • The only business model that equalizes the playing field so your income is not dependent upon age, gender, education, race, past experience, etc.
  • A business in which your income potential is dependent on your own efforts
  • Earning while you learn: Earn income while you learn the skills you need for success in any endeavor—public speaking, sales skills, communication skills, organizational skills and marketing skills
  • Collaborating instead of competing—a business structure that fosters community and teamwork (unlike MLM); growing your business is everyone’s business and you will be successful only to the degree that you help others
  • Receiving training from successful entrepreneurs on the team
  • Making a difference in other peoples lives
  • The most ethical business structure in existence




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  • Nutrition Consultations
  • Health & Wellness Assessments
  • Weight Loss Programs
  • Customized Supplementation
  • Detoxes & Cleanses
  • Individual & Group Classes Available
  • Nutrition & Stress Reduction Seminars
  • Building & Expanding Your Wellness Business
  • Metabolic & Wellness Testing

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