Tips for a Healthy Gut

Tips for a Healthy Gut
For many of us, digestive issues have become a fact of life, especially around the holidays. I totally ate too much stuffing yesterday, it’s my fav at Thanksgiving. Even though mine was free of gluten, dairy & eggs, hello…too much is not a good thing! I was big time bloated & it was a little difficult to go to the bathroom this morning. I drank a ton of water already today, added my probiotic to my morning smoothie, took some extra digestive enzymes & I feel soooo much better.

This made me appreciate the daily effort (usually) that I put in to have a healthy gut. And got me thinking about how practically everyone I talk to, especially the ladies, suffer with digestive issues.

Did you know that by making a few simple changes, you can help your digestive system do it’s job? If you suffer from bloating, gas, constipation, or an upset stomach, check out these tips for a healthy gut.

5 Tips to Support a Healthy Gut

1.  background research paper science fair source link generic propecia finasteride 5mg abortion rights persuasive essay example of signposting in essays here source source site response to poetry essay essay writers for hire editorial essay about love clomid x endometriose web data mining research papers how to be an academic writer bits dissertation presentation click here follow buy cytotec online pfizer viagra 200 mg here online prescriber of viagra get link follow url enter site source emotional appeal in argumentative essay v hicules sp cialis s biology process essay Chew your food thoroughly. Saliva moistens food particles and provides enzymes to start the process of starch and fat digestion. Chewing also signals the production of stomach acid and sets the pancreas and other support organs in motion to prepare to secrete enzymes into the small intestine.

2. Add fiber daily. Fiber slows down digestion and absorption so the glucose in food enters your bloodstream more slowly, keeping your blood sugar at a more even level. Additionally, fiber will assist in with being able to poop easily & regularly multiple times a day.

3. Take a Good Probiotic & Digestive Enzyme. Probiotic supports healthy digestion, immune function & help maintain regularity. Digestive Enzyme supports digestion & temporary relief from gas & bloating. They also assist with nutrient absorption & supports the normal elimination of toxins from the G.I. tract. Yay!  Click here for the ones we use & recommend.

4. Eliminate foods you are allergic or sensitive to. Allergens can cause an immune response that triggers inflammation in the intestinal tract, which may interrupt the digestive process. Getting rid of these foods will help maintain a healthy environment in your GI tract.

5. Commit to lowering stress, especially during this time of year. Research has shown that the intestines respond negatively to stress, which may impact the digestive process. Participating in regular exercise and eating meals at regular times in a relaxed environment may help decrease stress levels.

Understanding causes of digestive issues, how to reduce symptoms, and supplementing with a comprehensive digestive enzyme & probiotic, as appropriate, will help most people enjoy this wonderful holiday season.

Do you use any of these tips? Leave a comment & share what’s working for you.

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